Events Gallery - (Preschool, Johar Town)

30 Years LACAS Birthday Celebration
Art Competition
Book Fair
Choir Competition Grade III
Class Activity Grade I
Class Activity Grade II
Class Activity Grade III
Class Elections I-III
Class Party I_III
Creative Creations
Fun Day PG -III
Green Living Quiz
Poster Competition I-III
Iqbal Day
Kangaroo Competition I-III
Khel Khel Main
Labour Day Special Assembly
Mental Math Competition I-III
Reading Buddy I-III
Sports Day I-III
Universal Children's Day
Urdu Monologue I-III
Writers Retreat
Yellow Day PG
Weather and Seasons PG-Pre-Reception
Water Fun Day PG-Reception
Transportation PG-Reception
Summer Walk
Story Telling PG-Reception
Sports Day PG-Reception
Solar System Reception
Red Day PG
Puppet Show PG-Pre-Reception
My Five Senses and Popcorn Reception
My Family Pre-Reception
Movie Day PG_Reception
First Day of School
Feelings Pre-Reception
Earth & Nature PG-Reception
Dinosaurs Reception
Community Helpers PG-Reception
Class Party PG-Reception
Class Activity Reception
Class Activity PG
Class Activity Pre-Reception
Blue Day Playgroup
About My Neighbourhood PG- Pre-Recption
About My Health and Nutrition PG-Reception