LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION (LCA’3) - (Boys Branch, Johar Town)

On Saturday, October 3, 2015 the LACAS Johar Town Campus Boys Branch hosted the 3rd edition of Lights Camera Action at the Ali Auditorium. LCA was a roaring success. It was a house full show and delegations from sixteen reputable schools participated in this event. The content of videos and documentaries was remarkably good, touching the core socio-economic issues of society including child abuse, gender discrimination, disabilities, bullying at schools and so on. This year LCA 3 got an international entry from San Francisco, so giving the event an international status for the first time.

The judges of LCA3 were the senior faculty and alumni of renowned institutions in media studies like the London School of Arts & Media & BNU. The judge's critics were highly valuable and they remarked that LCA3 was really impressive and they were amazed to see such skillful work on strong and sensitive topics by the participating delegations.
Our chief guest, Mr.AdnanSarwar, the writer, director and actor of Pakistani block buster film 'SHAH' mesmerized the audience with his inspirational speech and thoughts. An icing on the cake was the live magical performance by Mr.NabeelShaukat&Mr.FarrzNayyar, the heart throbs of the young O-level lot who literally stole the audience’s hearts and we had to take the show beyond scheduled time.

Our honourable sponsors this year for LCA 3 were Kansai Paints, Al-Abbas Construction Company, Wing Chair, AIIM &Volka foods. Our media partner was City 42.

The winners in different categories at LCA 3 were as under;


  1.  SISA for best Short Film
  2. Aitchison College for best Documentary
  3.  Beacon House A-level, Johar Town Campus for best Music Video
  4.  Beacon House A-level, Johar Town Campus for best Advertisements
  5.  LGS, 55-Main Gulberg Campus for best Photography
  6.  LGS, Johar Town Girls Campus for best Selfie 

This time Beacon House A-level, Johar Town Campus clinched the best delegation trophy with their powerful performances in different categories.

The security control at the event was water tight and the whole plan was very well-planned and well managed which ensured a peaceful, memorable and decent event. Thanks God.