Life at LACAS

Rules and Regulations

While rules and regulations are necessary, it is our expectation that each student will himself /herself come to realize the value of self-discipline. Admission at LACAS implies agreement on the part of students to accept and willingly observe reasonable standards of accountability, appearance and good conduct.


Written applications must be brought for all absences; approved absences will not be fined.
Sick leave applications exceeding two days must be supported by medical certificates. Late arrivals will be sent back.

Uniform /Grooming

It is mandatory for all students to adhere to the grooming and uniform regulations at all times.


Any student found guilty of indiscipline, misconduct/ misbehavior or found disturbing the atmosphere and smooth running is the institution shall be liable for disciplinary action.

Academic Discipline

It is mandatory for students to maintain at least 85% attendance and sit for all informed tests / examinations in order to be promoted to the next class and / or to be registered for O and A Level Examinations.

Fee Policy

  • All charges except security deposit are non-refundable.
  • Fee is charged on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Fee bills are issued 10 days prior to the due date.
  • There are fines for late payments of dues.
  • Students with outstanding dues will not be allowed to attend classes or sit for Examination.
  • Security must be collected within 6(six) months of leaving school
  • One month notice is required for withdrawal, failing which school leaving certificate
  • Reports may be withheld by school authorities
  • The management reserves the right to revise the fee structure and school rules and
    Regulations as and when required.
  • The fees and other charges are subject to annual increase.

Our Mission

“To ensure each child reaches his or her full potential, to foster self-confidence and integrity, to accept individuality and celebrate diversity, to promote independent thinking and encourage life-long learning.”