Skill-based Learning
We at Milestone believe that learners remember more effectively when they can use skills to access, process and express their knowledge.

Skill-based learning provides classroom environments in which independence, thinking skills, collaboration and active learning are developed at the same time as knowledge is acquired.

Being a ‘Different School of Thought’, in addition to a regular curriculum, we have developed four skill-based curricula with sub-skills embedded, rationalized, interlinked and structured to culminate in assessment leading to certifications in the four programmes.

These are:
1. Entrepreneurship & innovation Certificate Programme
2. Legal Research & Mooting skills Certificate Programme
3. Design skills Certificate Programme
4. Electronics, hardware & embedded technology Certificate Programme

Our Mission

“To ensure that each child reaches his or her potential, to foster self-confidence and integrity, to accept individuality and celebrate diversity, to promote independent thinking and encourage lifelong learning.”