Activities at Burki Campus


Activity Grade Date Students Involved Write-up Result
CIE High Achievers O Levels 11 August, 2017 Ayeshm Bilal
Linta Sultana
Fatima Zia
Rumman Amer
Areesha Khurram
Laiba Asif
Ayesha Shafi
Mahrukh Iftikhar
Khadeeja Asad
Mehak Leghari
Asra Javaid
Arooj Nasrullah Virk
Khuawaja Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Kashif Saeed
Unprecedented achievement by Lacasians- Phenomenal performance in O Levels. 8A*1A
Participation at City Ravi MUN Girls + Boys 18 August, 2017 Shahzaib Ali (XI), Muaz Waqas (VIII A), Muhammad Hadi (XI), Abu Baker Fahim (VII B), Zohaib Asif (IX A) A proud moment for Burki Campus: Our students participated in MUN at City Ravi Campus held and won 2 Best Delegate Awards, 1 Outstanding Diplomacy Award and 2 Honorary Mention Awards. Best Delegate Award
Best Delegate Award
Outstanding Diplomacy Award
Honorary Mention
Honorary Mention
Independence Day Celebrations Girls Branch 20 August, 2017 Student Council Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Patriotism as its best was displayed as we celebrated our Independence Day.
Participation at Lahore Alma MUN Girls + Boys 25 August, 2017 Shahzaib ALi (XI), Muhammad Muaz (VIII A), Muhammad Ahmed (VIII A), Muhammad Hadi (XI) LACASIANS proved their oratory skills at Lahore Alma MUN and won 5 awards. Outstanding
3 Honorary
Fun Family Carnival REACH 31 August, 2017 Reception Receptions celebrated "Fun Family Carnival" at LACAS Burki Preschool as part of their theme 'Me and My Family'. The carnival started off with a fun family quiz where the parents had to guess their child's favourites! Later the children presented a token of love to their loved ones. The carnival included some fun activity stations like cooking, games, puzzles & crafts where the parents and children participated together, the way families do!
Oath Taking Burki Boys 12 September, 2017 Voting is how we participate in a civic society. Lacas has always encouraged its students to be useful and civilized students through various activities. Oath Taking and badge giving ceremony of our Class Representatives 2017-18.
Oath Taking Preschool + Burki Girls 13 September, 2017 Discipline, Honour, Unity. LACAS knows the value of such concepts and the importance of instilling such ethics in its students. Hence the new Class Representatives were elected.
Orientation Day : A Level A Level 13 September, 2017 A 1s Orientation Day, an Annual event held to make the new students feel at home. This day included a tour of the school, Most importantly, they got to know what the student learning outcome is all about through interactive activities held by our A2.
Participation at Grammarfest Dramatics Burki Girls 15-17September, 2017 Abeera Awan (X)
Zainab Kaiser (X)
Amal Moghees (IX)
Reesha Tashbih (X)
Burki Girls won first position at Grammarfest 17 in the Drama Category. Proud moment for Burki. Won Best
Drama Award
Participation at LGS Games Burki Boys 17 September, 2017 Musa Haroon (X) Mir Musa Haroon Burki's very own Sports Representative won first position in lawn tennis at LGS Games hosted by LGS Phase 5. Well done Musa!! 1st Prize in Lawn Tennis
Reading Week Extravaganza Day 1+2 (Mystery Reader), Reading Parade REACH 18,19 September, 2017 Reading Week Extravaganza! Day 3: Book Parade Preschoolers dressed up as their favourite storybook characters and told their peers about their favourite story. The "Book Parade" was the most exciting for our young readers where they marched to the beat of the drum through the school corridors holding their books while the middle school students cheered them on!"Reading makes your world big"
Inter House Cricket Match (Grade IV-V) Burki Boys 19 September, 2017 Inter House Cricket tournament held at Burki Boys between Grade 4 and 5. Iqbal House won the tournament. Good work Boys. Iqbal House Won
Day 3 (Read to Reach) REACH 20 September, 2017 Reading Week Extravaganza continues at LACAS Preschool Burki Campus! Highlights of the second day ! Reading with Parents and Storytelling!
Day 4 (Meet the Writer) REACH 21 September, 2017 An exciting visit by a professional writer, the "Alif Nagar" team.
Inter House Bake Sale Burki Girls (O Level) 21 September, 2017 A much awaited activity to inculcate in students a spirit of empathy for the less fortunate. Students, volunteered to bring snacks, they were eager to take up the lead role of selling at stalls, keeping accounts, face painting, and decorating bake sale kiosks. Sir Syed House Won
Day 5 (Story Telling, Role Play) Preschool 22 September, 2017 Storytelling: Oh what fun! "Storytelling is the oldest form of education".
Participation at INNOVENTIONS (LGS JT boys) Burki Girls 22-24 September, 2017 Ayra Mujib (X)
Areeha Faisal (X)
Sana Usman (X)
Fatima (X)
Tamkeen (IX)
Aiman (X)
2 of our teams participated in INNOVENTIONS' 17 at LGS JT, in which our students won RUNNERS UP Trophy for the category Our Place in Space by beating 20 different schools, they also qualified for the 2nd Round of Mathalon! Bravo to our girls Runners up Trophy
Participation at NGS Sports Fest Burki 23 September, 2017 Minal Azmat (O3) LACAS strives forever to instill in its students a love for sports and sportsmanship. With every single step taken, playing against several schools, LACASIANS continue to prove their mettle. Won Gold Medal in Swimming
Participation at Bilingual Declamation (LGS Paragon) Burki Boys + Girls 26 September, 2017 Muhammad Hadi (XI) LACASIANS proved their oratory skills at Debates and our very own Debates Representative won the award. Consolation Trophy in English
Inter House Cricket Match U-13 & U-16 Burki Girls 26 September, 2017 Cricket, a game which creates thrill, while watching or playing. An Inter House Cricket Tournament was held where all teams played well. Jinnah House (U 13) Iqbal House (U 16)
Friendly Football Match O3 Vs A1 Burki Boys + Burki Girls 27 September, 2017 A clean sweep by the O3 boys in the friendly match with A1. O3 Won
Friendly Basket Ball Match O3 vs A1 Burki Girls + A Level 27 September, 2017 O3,A1 A friendly Basket Ball match was organized between O3 girls and A1 girls. Both teams displayed good sportsmanship spirit and teamwork. O3 won the match
Friendly Football + Match O3 Vs City Paragon Burki Boys 28 September, 2017 O3,A1 A friendly football match was played between LACAS Burki and City School Paragon. Burki won the match with 1-0. Good work Boys! Burki Boys Won
Poetry Recitation at Bloomfield Girls Branch 29 September, 2017 Unzeela Manzoor (X) Unzeela Manzoor of Grade X made us proud by winning 1st Position at Poetry Recitation Competition held at Bloomfield Hall. 1st Position
Trip to Islamabad Boys Branch 5 October, 2017 O3 The journey to Islamabad was fun and memorable.
Inter House Football Match Preschool 6 October, 2017 Our young Messi and Ronaldo played an Inter-house Football Match. Football teams showed their skills to make the match a great success. Iqbal House won the Match.
Teachers Day Boys Branch 9 October, 2017 Teachers Day was celebrated to make our teachers feel special. Students gave their teachers tokens of appreciation in order to express their love and respect for them
Inter house Cricket Match Preschool 10 October, 2017 Cricket match is a great way to interact with peers and it is also a great way to learn to cope with winning or losing. Keeping this in mind, Lacas Preschool played an Inter-house cricket match. Jinnah House won the Match
Inter House Football Match Girls Branch 10 October, 2017 The passion evoked by Football is timeless. At Burki we channelize the passion in matches to enhance teamwork. Jinnah House won in the U 13 category Sir Syed House won in the U 16 category
U 16 Inter Branch Cricket Tournament at Johar Town Girls Branch 14 October, 2017 Under 16 team of Burki made it to the finals by winning 3 matches against LACAS Canal Side, Gujranwala and Gulberg. 2nd Position
Inter Branch Cricket Tournament (U 12- U 16) Boys Branch Burki Campus hosted Inter Branch Cricket Tournament for U12 and U16. Burki Campus was Runners Up in both categories.Well done Boys! Runners Up Trophy
Cooking Competition at COTHM Preschool + Girls Branch 16 October, 2017 Hamdan Hamad (III A)
Khazina Hassan (V A)
Dua Khawar (V A)
Saleha Nayyer (V A)
ROhma Rashid (V A)
Chefs' Association of Pakistan organized a cooking competition through COTHM. Our Master Chef club students competed with various schools and were declared as winners. Well done little chefs! 1st Position
Trip to Oasis Girls Branch 17 October, 2017 Grade VI-XI LACAS arranged a spectacular day out at Oasis Water Resort not only providing fun and relaxation to all its students and faculty concerned, but a blessed relief from the scorching heat. The trip was memorable with students frolicking in the water and having the time of their lives. Their foray into water sports was followed by a grand lunch in one of the resort’s finest cafés.
Welcome Party A Level 17 October, 2017 A1s It was a night to remember. A glittering Welcome was given to the A Level Batch of 2019 with much zeal and zest. Warmth and laughter abounded and all glittered in their sparkling best.
Trip to Oasis Boys Branch 19 October, 2017 Grade VI-XI A fun filled day at the Oasis Water Park unwinded in the broad day light, with students splashing in the cool waves. Some of them went for boating and cycling while the more adventurous ones tried archery and horse riding.
Participation at LGS EME MUN 19 October, 2017 Muaz Waqas (VIII A)
Abu Baker (VII B)
Asad ullah Tariq (VII B)
Muhammad Ahmed (VIII A)
Our students participated at the LGS MUN this weekend held at the EME Branch. They won the Best Delegate, Honorary Mention and Outstanding Diplomacy Awards. Keep up the great work Boys! Best Delegate
Outstanding Diplomacy
Outstanding Diplomacy
Honorable Mention Award
Theme Presentation on Health & Nutrition Preschool 24 October, 2017 Receptions Receptions showcased their learning of the theme 'Health and Nutrition ‘in the form of a presentation. The presentation included role plays depicting the importance of eating healthy and keeping good hygiene. The aerobics performance that followed was mind blowing! Later the students and parents enjoyed some fun activities together based on the theme.
High Achievers Award Ceremony Preschool+ Boys + Girls 25 October, 2017 LACAS knows how hard its young ones work and values their diligence. From Grade I-VIII a grand ceremony was held, distributing shields and certificates to those excelling in their studies. A ceremony at LACAS which acts as an impetus to future goals.
Trip to Islamabad Girls Branch 25 October, 2017 Grade XI With each step forward, the mind grows and the heart smiles. Believing in the value of exploration for widening horizons, we continue to arrange trips, further boosting confidence in our students.
Trip to Cinnabon Preschool 25 October, 2017 Playgroup, Pre Receptions The little ones enjoyed rolling and making their own special cinnabon with filling and topping of their choice; later they enjoyed eating it too! The little bakers were awarded certificates for all their hard work! Certified bakers in town!
Trip To Rafi Peer Theatre Preschool 26 October, 2017 Grade II, III Students thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Rafi Peer Theatre. Puppet Show, storytelling, Magic Show and a visit to the Puppetry Museum" were the highlights of the trip.
Dawn Spelling Bee Girls Branch 28 October, 2017 Hamna Amir (VI A)
Neha Khan (VI B)
Alishba Shinwari (VI A)
Students of LACAS are encouraged from their early years to practice spelling skills. This was reiterated through their participation in Dawn Spelling Bee Contest which was an extremely tough competition. Qualified for Regional Finals
Trip to Fun Factory Preschool 30 October, 2017 Grade I Field trips are an integral part of education as they provide hands on experience and give the students a break from rigorous school schedules.Keeping this in mind the objective that students can learn everywhere LACAS preschool organized a trip to the Super Space/Fun Factory playgroup where they got a chance to unwind and indulge in physical activity.
Trip to Super Space Preschool 31 October, 2017 Field trips are an integral part of education as they provide hands on experience and give the students a break from rigorous school schedules.Keeping this in mind the objective that students can learn everywhere LACAS preschool organized a trip to the Super Space/Fun Factory playgroup where they got a chance to unwind and indulge in physical activity.
Intel Science Fair by Shaukat Khanum Girls + Boys Branch 1st November, 2017 Reesha Tashbih (X)
Hassan Amir (VIII A)
Our students Hassan Amir and Reesha Tasbih participated in the Provincial Science Fair. They have qualified for the National Science. Qualified for the National Round
Theme Presentation on My Body Parts Preschool 1st November, 2017 Playgroup Young preschoolers of Playgroup showcased their learning of the theme "My Body Parts"in the form of a presentation. Later the students and parents enjoyed some fun activities together based on the theme
Punjab Olympics Boys + Girls Branch 1st – 5th November Mohid Waseem
Taha Afzal
Abdur Rehman(XI)
Abdullah Zeeshan(XI)
Ibrahim Anjum
Mir Musa Haroon
Zain Aslam(XI)
Unzeela Manzoor(X)
Khizra Shehzad(X)
Fariha Mirza(X)
Nashmia Asad(XI)
Mehak Gul
LACAS school system lifted the Runners Up trophy in Punjab Olympics, out of 321 competing schools and scoring 705 points. We beat City, LGS, Beacon, Aitchison and many other schools. Congratulations LACASIANS!!! Bronze Medal in Rowing
3 Gold Medal in cycling
2 Gold Medal in Tennis
1 Gold Medal in cycling
1 Gold Medal in Team Spirit
Gold medal in Rowing
Gold Medal in 100 m Double
Silver Medal in Relay Silver
Medal in rowing 1000
Silver Medal in Athletics
Participation at LGS Cantt MUN O Level 3rd November, 2017 Shahzaib ALi, (XI)
Muazz Waqas (VIII A)
Hania Faraz (VIII B)
Unzeela Manzoor (X)
Abu Baker Fahim (VII B)
Asad Ullah Tariq (VII B)
Imparting knowledge and ensuring learning through MUNs, our students achieved outstanding results. Best Delegate
Outstanding Diplomacy
Special Mention
Special Mention
Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention
Participation at International Science Conference at Beaconhouse Newlands Girls Branch 17 November , 2017 Hania Faraz (VIII B)
Ayman Waseem (VIII A)
Areej Naveed (VIII B)
Meerab Asif (VII B)
Aman Fatima (VII A)
Burki Girls were declared winners the Interschool Research Conference held at Beaconhouse Newlands. They presented their findings on "Man's Impact on Environment". 1st Position
Platform 1: Urain Ge Girls + Boys Branch 17 November, 2017 O3 LACAS has a penchant for providing the best to its students this time in around grand event Platform 1's episode 3, an event solely based on performing arts, giving each student and every school the perfect opportunity to show case their budding talents. It was an evening never seen before, with lights camera and action, a stupendous Khathak Bhangra fusion.
Theme Presentation on About My Neighborhood Preschool 22 November, 2017 Receptions had their theme closure presentation based on the theme "My Neighbourhood" where they spoke about different festivals around the world.Later students and parents enjoyed some fun activities together based on the theme
2nd Inter School Readers Theatre Competition 2017 at LACAS Upper Mall Girls Branch 22 November, 2017 Manal Farooq (VI A)
Neha Khan Tareen (VI B)
Alishba Shinwari (VI A)
Aima Jawad (VII B)
Mariam Sabir (VIII B)
Areej Naveed (VIII B)
2nd Interschool Readers' Theatre Competition 2017 hosted by our very own LACAS Uppermall Branch.... Our girls did a phenomenal job by winning the Runners Up trophy.... Proud of you BURKI girls! Ruuners Up Trophy
Participation at English Monologue and Reading at LACAS Upper Mall Preschool 22 November, 2017 Rahma Ali Khan ( II B)
Rohan Ahmed ( I D)
BURKI Preschoolers participated in the 7th Interschool English Reading Competition 2017 hosted by our very own LACAS Uppermall Branch.... Young readers did a remarkable job. Well done our young preschoolers! 1st Position in Passage Reading
2nd Position in Passage Reading
Theme Presentation on My Feelings Preschool 23 November, 2017 Pre Receptions Pre - Reception had their theme closure presentation based on the theme "My Feelings", where they spoke about their feelings. Later the students and parents enjoyed some fun activities together based on the theme
Inter-House Football Match Reception 23 November, 2017 Reception Our young Messis and Ronaldo played an Inter-house Football Match. Football teams full of talent showed their skills to make the match a great spectacles. Jinnah House Won the Match
Inter Class English Pair Reading and Monologue Competition Preschool 24 November, 2017 Pair Reading:
Muhammad Bin Ejaz ( I A)
Zainab Zahra (IA)
Rayaan Waseem (II B)
Rahma Ali (II B)
Alizey Ali (III C)
Reading helps in vocabulary building and gaining knowledge; Monologue helps students to find and express themselves through theatre.It is an essential part of the development of a child LACAS organized English Pair Reading and Monologue Competition. The Competition was a great learning experience for our students Pair Reading:
1st Position :
1st Position :
1st Position:
National Junior Cycling Championship Girls Branch 29 November, 2017 Nashmia Asad (XI) Nashmia Asad Sports Representative Burki Girls won a gold medal in National Junior Cycling Championship 2017. This adds to many of such achievements of our young athelete. Gold Medal
Theme closure presentation, Healthy Living Preschool 27 November, 2017 Theme closure presentation,based on the theme "Healthy Living" ,by Pre-Receptions was quite a wonderful show;the little Germ Busters and Super Heroes told the parents how to stay healthy and hearty! The Zumba performance that followed was another way to stress and model a healthy routine through exercise.Later students and parents enjoyed some fun activities together based on the theme.
Theme Presentation Feelings Preschool 28 November, 2017 Young preschoolers of Playgroup showcased their learning of the theme "My Feelings" in the form of an adorable presentation whereby they expressed their feelings with confidence! Later the students and parents enjoyed some fun activities together based on the theme.
Theme Presentation, About my Social Skills Preschool 5 December, 2017 Playgroups Reception had their theme closure presentation based on the theme “About My Social Skills” The presentation started off with a quiz. Later students presented a puppet show based on how to use courtesy words and at the end students played musical chairs to develop the habit of taking turns and being cooperative.
Theme Presentation on Healthy Living Preschool 5 December, 2017 Pre Reception In conjunction with the theme 'Healthy Living',a breakfast activity was conducted in school for Pre-Receptions to promote healthy eating habits and to instill etiquettes of eating.
Winter Fun Fest Preschool 11-14 December, 2017 Lacas preschool presented out “Winter Fun Fest” combining the beauty of winter season with various fun activities. The fest had taken place over an entire week which was a magical fest.