Top Schools in Lahore Pakistan

School Ranking Lahore 2016

The day a child is born to parents they start planning about their future. The most important question is to which school they should send their child? This situation is faced by parents around the world. Obviously, every one wants the best for their children so, naturally parents will search for the finest school nearby and which suits their pocket as well. School is a place for educating pupils under the supervision of skilled teachers. A child’s new world which will help him/her equipped with all the necessary skills. Without education nations cannot excel. Education is a key to success.
Diogenes Laertius says:
“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth”.
Lahore is the hub of education. Government of Pakistan is taking steps to educate the pupils for this purpose a no of private and public schools are running in lahore . There are many good schools in Lahore in terms of education and affordability. Parents are more inclined towards private institutions for the education of their children. The top ranked schools running in Lahore Pakistan which are best in all terms and most trusted by parents and students are:
Aitchison College Lahore
Convent of Jesus and Mary
Kid’s Campus Lahore
Lahore Grammar School
Beacon house School
Bloomfield Hall
Garrison Army School
Divisional Public School
The City School Lahore
The Lahore Lyceum
Scarsdale International School
Rosan’s Islamic School
Lahore Learning Campus
Sacred Heart School
The school of south Asia
Bahria Town School
The city School Network
The Sterling Foundation School
Novaquest International School
American Lyceum
Defence Public School
American National School
International School of Choueifat
Allied Schools Lahore
Some of the schools have a no of branches. Hope our beloved Pakistan rise and shine.