LACAS was established to challenge the status quo in the education in Pakistan. The founding members wanted to create an institution that provided equal opportunities to girls. In September 1987, we became the first institution to offer A-levels to girls which is an achievement that continues to make us proud. We have been recognized as a centre of excellence by leading national newspapers. From its inception, LACAS has been pushing new frontiers and recording new boundaries. We have led the revival of the tradition of annual stage plays and the introduction of parliamentary style debates that have given our students a unique education.

In fact, LACAS is the only school in Pakistan to have won the Under 17 and 19 national debates championship in one year. Over the years many LACAS students have been declared High Achievers by the University of Cambridge for their outstanding performance in the “O” and “A” level examinations. These examinations provide a standard that is recognized internationally and opens doors to prestigious universities in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Pakistan. However it is not just the O Level and A Level qualifications that provide great opportunities to our students; of equal importance are the co-curricular activities for which LACAS is well known. Our students have been selected to represent Pakistan in international competitions and events including: the International Physics Olympiad held in Turkey and Taiwan and the conference on child exploitation and HIV awareness held in Nepal. A LACAS student was also selected to represent Pakistan in the United Nations General Assembly (Special Session) on children in New York.

Our Mission

To ensure each child reaches his or her full potential, to foster self-confidence and integrity, to accept individuality and celebrate diversity, to promote independent thinking and encourage life-long learning.