Explore the World

Explore the World (ETW) is an interactive concept to motivate students to get to know their world better. The unique nature of the programme comprises of features like Quiz, reality shows, creating their own imaginary countries. Wax Museum of historical figures and maintaining passports. Learning is further enhanced through unique projects, lap books and 3D models. It is exciting to discover the exclusivities of the world you live in and knowing it takes your brainbox to an adventurous place. Such programmes builds a strong exhilaration among students who gain inclinations towards utmost creativity and find the exploring process extremely engaging.

  • Public Speaking Society
    The society gives one the opportunity to improve themselves on multiple levels since brining about change in the communication skills helps in almost all areas of life. Emphatically, whatever goal you choose: whether your interest lie in as a motivational speaker, political debate or earning confidence with ample amount of audience, public speaking is there to make your goals meet. What public speaking can bring to you as an individual is no less than bliss. Effective skills of public speaking leads one to:
  • advancement in the career
  • boost in confidence
  • polish critical thinking
  • gain personal development
  • nurture communication skills
  • create a new social network
  • grow personal gratification
  • form leadership skills
  • Not fear an impromptu speaking